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Welcome to the Mastodon instance for theabsolute.plus! We are an instance that loves Tetris games and especially the Tetris the Grand Master series - other games are fine too, of course.
While this is a place for Tetris players who love to talk about things related to Tetris, you're free to talk about whatever your heart desires, as long as you abide by the following rules:

- This is an inclusive and safe space. Do not harass people for how they identify, what they believe in and generally treat all of your peers with respect.
- Don't take part in illegal activity. This means that you shouldn't link to warez, ROMs and generally anything else that isn't legal.
- Please have at least a smidge of common sense before you hit the toot button.
- Don't attempt to exploit some weird loopholes in these rules - if we deem that you broke them, we will act upon it.

Taking part in this instance is a privilege and not a right - we will see ourselves forced to revoke this privilege if you break these rules or we otherwise think you hinder this instance from being a comfortable place for everyone.