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dumb memes aside i did actually install it into a VM the other day

and now i wonder how well it'd perform on my laptop. would it run well after possibly days of constantly building packages from source? would optimizing the kernel actually make a difference? will goku defeat the evil buu?

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nerd shit (demos, game boys) 

i recently realized i was able to flash demo roms onto my game boy flashcart and ran the gejmbaj demo on my DMG

it was the coolest shit i've seen happen on my game boy in a LONG time. wish i was knowledgeable enough to write music on a low-level code and not just on LSDJ rofl

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British guy getting so mad about someone not liking cowboys that he threatens to assassinate them

does anyone except for me or luna even use this instance LOL

this is my middle module for showing the xwindow module. so many polybars use fancy fonts to do triangles and circles and whatnot... i'll stick to what's tried and true - unicode blocks

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#NewUsersGuide some people dont want their replies to be like the comments section on a website, because they are real people who have to read the shit you're writing.

and they also dont want it to be an open forum where you decide how long the conversation goes on about your pedantic comment

if this upsets you because you feel like everything you say is worthwhile, or you feel like random people should be nice about their boundaries just because it's not possible to tell at first glance: that is your problem

if you walk up to someones conversation on the street, some people will be like sure whats up. some people will be like what the actual fuck are you doing, we're talking, just because you can see us doesn't mean you're invited.

for many, this isnt ig/twitter where PSAs are open invitations for 300 comments

this goes for you as well. dont feel pressured to reply to or post for everyone. make the friends YOU want. use the mute, block, and filter features to your hearts content

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things i had to build now on my server:

- python 3.9.1
- cmake 3.17.whatever
- boost/b2 (currently building)
and i also need to build libtorrent

all because the server runs on debian 9 and i don't have root access :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

ah yes, quite nothing like having to compile python 3.9 from source because your server provider doesnt give you root access :(

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