dear mouse:
can u like

not double click please


update: yep, no one bothered to look at it

what an absolute waste of time

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like, listen

if i want to upload a video at a higher quality, there is a good reason behind it.

enjoy it at its highest quality, not at 800kbps video 96kbps audio and lower overall resolution

and also thanks for detracting from people's opinions about what actually happens in the engine by screaming about "muh data cap" it's 44MB you're not gonna fucking die from it

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posting progress of stackfuse on hard drop's dev channel was a mistake, instead of people looking at the gameplay i had some dehydrated motherfucker scream at the video size (44MB) and then that same person reuploaded the same video at a smaller size and without audio

warm take 

@luna that is without a doubt a very warm take and i like it

problem is this instance isn't signed up to any relays (which, honestly, is probably quite a blessing instead of a bad thing) but that also means organic growth is SLOOOOOOOW

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wish more people would interact with me on fedi as a whole, i'm kinda meh about using twitter lately tbh

@luna image: a dragon
the description: my uwu cutie dwagon! isn't she cute??

"first release" meaning an alpha build, of course. there is balancing and new gamemodes left to create, after all.

i also intend on making a site for it on so look forward to that

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a few details left on a specific gamemode, and menu reworks left to do - once i've done that, i'm confident to offer the first release of my cambridge fork called stackfuse.

it'll be good. i promise.

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